Before a Pandemic

Before a Pandemic:

  1. Keep your coughs and sneezes covered. Put tissues straight into a covered, lined rubbish bin or a plastic bag
  2. Wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds with soap or an alcohol-based rub and dry them well
  3. Isolate yourself - keep at least a metre away from others and stay at home if  you become ill
  4. Reduce germs in your home and workplace - regularly disinfect common surfaces like phones, handles, remote controls, taps, toys
  • Consult family and friends when preparing your plan - who could help with food and supplies if you and your household are ill?
  • Keep phone numbers of people who live near you, and your family doctor, in a prominent place
  • Ask your doctor for an influenza vaccination each year
  • If you run a business or farm, plan for the impact of a pandemic.