Stopping COVID-19 is everyone's business

Many of the region’s businesspeople will be eager to get back into action under Level 3 but preventing the spread of COVID-19 must remain a top priority, says Taranaki Civil Defence Controller Craig Campbell-Smart.

“Thanks to whole regional community’s collective efforts so far, Taranaki has done exceptionally well in stopping COVID-19 in its tracks,” says Craig. “Losing ground and going backwards is the last thing we need, so businesses need to play their part as we move into Level 3.”  

He says the region’s enterprising and energetic business community will have an important role in getting Taranaki’s economy humming again after the enforced slow-down. Protecting themselves, their staff and the public remains a top priority for those safe businesses able to reopen.   

These are the golden rules for businesses under Alert Level 3:  

  1. If your business required close physical contact, it can’t operate.
  2. Your staff should work from home if they can.
  3. Customers cannot come on to your premises – unless you are a supermarket, dairy, petrol station, pharmacy or permitted health service.
  4. Your business must be contactless – your customers can pay online, over the phone or in another contactless way. Delivery or pick-up must also be contactless.
  5. Basic hygiene measures must be maintained – this includes physical distancing, hand-washing and regular cleaning of surfaces. Workers must stay home if they are sick.
  6. If you used PPE in your business before COVID-19, then keep using it in the same way. If you didn’t use PPE in your business before COVID-19, you don’t need it now – this is the advice for retailers, manufacturers and service industries. Different advice applies to essential healthcare workers, border agencies, courts and tribunal staff, first responders and Corrections staff. See for more advice.
  7. You must meet all other health and safety obligations.  

“Life under Level 3 brings with it greater risk of Covid-19 transmission, not fewer, and it is critically important that these health measures must be strictly upheld to manage these risks,” says Craig.  

Those businesses who can operate safely in Level 3 can start preparing this week, with safety restrictions in place.   New Zealand won’t be moving into Level 3 until Tuesday 28 April. Until then, all Level 4 requirements still apply.  

While we remain at Alert Level 4, here’s what we need to remember:

  • Stay at home as much as you can.
  • If you do venture out, stay in your neighbourhood and stay in your bubble.
  • Keep a 2-metre distance from anyone who is not part of your bubble.
  • Only drive to get essential supplies, such as groceries or visiting the pharmacy.
  • Help our emergency services by only doing safe activities.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap.   

The most up-to-date information on COVID-19 is on link).