Boil Water Notice still in place but focus firmly on recovery

The Boil Water Notice remains in place in New Plymouth and areas to the east, and an administrative step today confirmed the focus is firmly on getting life back to normal.

Signalling a change of tempo, Civil Defence moved formally from a ‘response’ phase to ‘recovery’ phase, which means Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Recovery Manager Craig Campbell-Smart takes charge.

“It’s still very important for people in New Plymouth, Bell Block, Waitara, Tikorangi, Lepperton, Onaero and Urenui to continue to boil all tap water for one minute before using it for drinking or cooking,” says Craig. 

“But through the recovery phase we’ll be working alongside all the relevant agencies to ensure we all take a coordinated approach to ensure that life returns to normal as soon as possible for everyone, and that the community benefits from what was learned during this event.”

The Boil Water Notice will continue until further notice. For more information see link) (New Plymouth District Council) and link) (Taranaki District Health Board).

Craig says a Recovery Action Plan will be developed by the end of the week.

Authorised by Craig Campbell-Smart, Taranaki CDEM Group Recovery Manager