Alert Level 4 extended to Tuesday

New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown will continue after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, cabinet and health officials met this afternoon to review the current settings.

Ardern announced at a 3pm press conference the extension of the Level 4 for the entire country until midnight Tuesday, August 31. New Zealand, excluding Auckland and Northland, will then move into Level 3 for a period of one week and reviewed on Monday, September 6. Auckland and Northland will remain in Level 4 during that time.

Initially, New Zealand, expect Auckland, were going to move out of lockdown at midnight tonight, whereas Auckland was going to move out of level 4 on August 31.  

Ardern said the two full weeks in Level 4 will give certainty and confidence New Zealand – apart from Auckland and Northland – can move safely down alert levels with no surprise cases appearing in other parts of the country.

It means New Zealanders will continue to be confined to their bubbles and are only allowed out for essential travel or exercise.

The decision comes after 70 recorded cases in the last 24 hours, all in Auckland, and no cases detected in other parts of the country. The total cases in the cluster are 347.

As of Friday, August 27, there are no recorded cases in Taranaki.

However, the public is urged to look at the locations of interest on the Ministry of Health website in case they have travelled to those areas.

What you need to know and do at Alert Level 4

At Alert Level 4 we all need to stay at home to stop the transmission of Covid-19:

  • The only reasons you can leave home are to shop for groceries, access necessary healthcare, get a COVID-19 test, exercise or go to work if you are working in an Alert Level 4 service.
  • Only make physical contact with those who you live with - stay in your "bubble."
  • Businesses are closed except for those permitted to be open at Alert Level 4 - for example, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations and lifeline utilities will stay open.
  • Safe recreational activity is allowed in your local area.
  • All gatherings are cancelled and all public venues are closed.
  • Educational facilities are closed.
  • You must wear a mask or face covering (external link)when visiting essential services. 

Please visit link) for further information on travel, personal movement, exercise, education, work, business and gatherings at Alert Level 4.