Emergency Mobile Alerts

Getting real-time information to people in a timely manner during a Civil Defence emergency is critical.




A new way of alerting the public to life threatening hazards is being launched in New Zealand.

The Emergency Mobile Alerts (EMA) will be sent to phones in targeted areas. If you phone is on, capable and inside the targeted area, you should get the alert. 

This new system will replace the OPTN messaging system we have used previously. You should recieve one last message indicating the termination of this program in the next month. 

Not all phones are currently capable but eventually all phones sold in New Zealand will be able to recieve the alerts. You can go here to see if your phone is one of the many that can currently recieve alerts. 

A nationwide test of the new system will be conducted on the 26th of November between 6pm and 7pm. The alert should appear automatically on your phone with unique and penetrating warning sounds. 

If you have any questions about this new alerting system, you can read more about it here