Emergency Mobile Alerts

Getting real-time information to people in a timely manner during a Civil Defence emergency is critical.




A new way of alerting the public to life threatening hazards has been launched in New Zealand.

The Emergency Mobile Alerts (EMA) will be sent to phones in targeted areas. If you phone is on, capable and inside the targeted area, you should get the alert. 

Not all phones are currently capable but eventually all phones sold in New Zealand will be able to recieve the alerts. You can go here(external link) to see if your phone is one of the many that can currently recieve alerts. 

A nationwide test of the new system was conducted and over 1.4 million New Zealander's recieved the alert with another 1.8 million people expected to be able to recieve the alert in the near future. If you did not receive the test message, we recommend you update your phone's software - please refer to your phone manual or talk to your mobile operator if you need help with this. Otherwise, the next best option is to download the Red Cross Hazard App which we can send messages through to keep you up to date. We suggest you change the Alert Settings in the Hazard App so you are not notified of every storm that comes through the area. 

If you did not receive the alert the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has a survey avaliable so you can provide feedback - this will help us improve the system in future. You can do that here(external link).

If you have any questions about this new alerting system, you can read more about it here(external link)