COVID-19 information for Taranaki

There are cases of Covid-19 in the community

With a growing number of Covid-19 cases and exposure events in New Zealand, it is important to get a test(external link) if you have cold or flu symptoms, are a close contact(external link) of a positive case, or have been at a location of interest.(external link)

Taranaki is at the Red Covid-19 setting

All of New Zealand moved to the “traffic lights” (COVID-19 Protection Framework) on 3 December 2021.

The traffic lights are what New Zealand will use in its response to Covid-19. It replaces the Alert Level system. 

There are three lights - Red, Orange, and Green - each with different settings(external link) to control the spread of the virus. Red is the most restrictive. 

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Life at the Red traffic light setting

At the Red setting,(external link) there are public health measures in place(external link) to limit the spread of the virus.  This includes mask-wearing, physical distancing, and capacity limits at some venues.

You can continue go to work, school, gyms, church, restaurants, and many more places if you are vaccinated and have a My Vaccine Pass. 

There are no internal travel restrictions, and everyone can access necessities, such as supermarkets and healthcare.

Learn more about life at Red,(external link) including specific guidelines for businesses and workplaces, school, hospitality, gatherings, events, and more. 

There is financial assistance(external link) for families and businesses at Red.  

Self-isolating at home

Most people who have Covid-19 will self-isolate for at least 14 days at home or in suitable alternative accommodation. This will be arranged by local healthcare providers. 

Households that are self-isolating with Covid-19 will be given healthcare advice and assistance.(external link) Hospital care will still be provided to those that need it. 

Anyone you live with will need to stay home for the entire time you are isolating. If someone else in your household tests positive for COVID-19, you will be advised on how much longer you need to isolate for. 

Make a plan with your household and family to prepare for Covid-19 at home. (external link)

Know what to expect when self-isolating at home(external link).

My Vaccine Pass

The My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for domestic use. 

Get your My Vaccine Pass.(external link)

You will be legally required to provide your My Vaccine Pass to enter places that have vaccination requirements in place under the traffic light system.

This will include hospitality venues, events, gatherings, and gyms. Places that don't use the My Vaccine Pass will still be able to operate, but in more limited ways. 

You cannot be asked to provide your My Vaccine Pass to access basic needs services, such as supermarkets, public transport, and essential health care. 

Learn more about how My Vaccine Pass works.(external link)

Getting a test

It is important to get a test if you have cold or flu symptoms,(external link) are a close contact(external link) of a positive case, or have been at a location of interest. (external link)

Testing locations and contact details are on the Taranaki DHB website.(external link) 

You can also talk to your GP or call Healthline 0800 358 5453 for advice. 

For Māori health support and information on testing, contact:

Other helpful links

Locations of interest(external link) for Covid-19 contact tracing. link) for all official information.