For pets & livestock

Pets are particularly vulnerable during a disaster so it's important that you make sure they are prepared for when something happens.

Prepare your pets 

 Follow the steps below to get your pets ready for any emergency:

  • Put together a Pet Emergency Kit for each pet - this contains everything that a pets need to get through an emergency at home or if you have to evacuate. Check out the link below to print out your emergency kit checklist.
  • Make sure all your pets are microchipped and registered - SPCA does cheap microchipping at just $40 per pet. Contact your local SPCA for more information. 
  • Arrange with friends and family to take in your pets temporarily if you need to evacuate. 
  • Ensure your pet has regular vaccinations, as many animal shelters will not accept unvaccinated animals.
  • Bring your pets inside as soon as a warning has been issued or a disaster has occured.
  • If you have to evacuate, always take your pets with you. If your house isn't safe for you, it isn't safe for your pet. You can bring your pet to CDCs, we can help house them temporarily while you are away from home. Owners are responsible for all costs associated with pet relocation during an emergency. 

Prepare your livestock


Preparing your property and livestock for emergencies is essential. The Ministry for Primary Industries has some great resources for how to go about this. You can check them out here.(external link)