Business Continuity

Disruptions are an expected part of business, so it’s important to be prepared for when they occur.

Disruptions can be internal events that impact on your organisation alone (e.g. IT system failure), or external events that could impact across several organisations and locations (eg: earthquake).

Business continuity planning helps organisations to better understand what is most important to continue in times of disruption, to identify the resources required to keep these important functions and services running, and to develop strategies for how to achieve it.

Business continuity is not just about having a plan; it is a process that enables organisations to take practical steps to become more resilient and to be able to minimise the impact of any disruptive event, including:

  • Loss of staff
  • Loss of building / facilities
  • Disruption to utilities (power, water, sewerage etc)
  • Loss of IT systems
  • Failure of a third party supplier to provide their services.