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This is where you will find factual information when Taranaki Emergency Management (Civil Defence) activates the emergency co-ordination centre in response to an emergency.

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Event: Severe Storm May 2023

Media release no: One

Date/Time: 3 May

How to get prepared ahead of heavy rain

As a heavy rain is forecast to move across the region, Taranaki Emergency Management encouraging people to take time get prepared.

MetService have issued an Orange- Heavy Rain warning for the Taranaki region from 2pm today until 5am Friday (5 May).  The situation will continue to develop overnight with heavy rain expected to continue until early Friday.

Taranaki’s Emergency Management Group Controller Todd Velvin says: “We are closely monitoring the situation alongside our partner agencies and local councils to respond as needed.”  

“We are excepting a significant amount of rainfall over the next 24-48 hours which will cause dangerous driving conditions and may cause surface and slips. We are asking people to get prepared.”

How can you get prepared?

If flooding is possible in your area, be ready to act quickly. Floods and flash floods can happen quickly and without warning.

  • Be prepared to evacuate and keep your grab bag
  • Leave mobile phones on and charged so you can receive Emergency Mobile Alerts from emergency agencies if necessary.
  • Move valuable and dangerous items, including electrical equipment and chemicals, as high above the floor as possible. Use watertight containers to store important items.
  • Lift curtains, rugs and bedding off the floor.
  • Secure outdoor possessions including outdoor furniture and trampolines that can be swept away in floodwaters.
  • Get a grab bag ready containing essential items ready in case you need to evacuate quickly. Remember to take essential items like medicine, your pets, and supplies for pets, important documents e.g. insurance and passports. More info is at Taranaki Emergency Management’s (Civil Defence’s) website cdemtaranaki.govt.nz(external link). Turn off power and water supplies if you know how.

Velvin is encouraging people to keep up to date through official sites. “We will continue to share updates through our social media channels. It is important people also check their local councils, emergency services and Te Whatu Ora for specific updates.

“Remember don’t take chances, if there is a threat to your life or property, please call 111.”

Stay update to date.

Your local councils

  • Stratford District Youth Council
  • New Plymouth District Council
  • South Taranaki District Council
  • Taranaki Regional Council


 Te Whatu Ora Taranaki